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Introducing Brokers Forex

Introducing Broker Forex business – Start on the road to financial independence
  • How does the Introducing Broker Forex business work?
  • How does one make cash?
  • Get your own Internet site, online application, demo sales lead generator and monitoring.
  • Reporting access to Tradeview Forex demo and real trading system.

How does the Introducing Broker Forex Business work?

  • If you or your company have purchasers who are engaged in financial vehicles like foreign exchange , CFDs, securities or hedge funds, Tradeview Forex has the tools to set you up with your own business.
  • All you or your firm need to do is contact our sales department by sending an email to tradeview@tradeviewforex.com . Our staff speak English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.
  • You will get an IB agreement. Sign it and send it back to us.
  • You will also receive mail from us that will include your IB number, your IB certificate, your own website in your own language hosted by Tradeview Forex, your own demo system and your own online application process.
  • You will get paid rebates inside 10 working days at the start of each calendar month

How does one make cash through Introducing Broker Forex?

  • You and your firm will get rebates from Tradeview Forex on each trade your buyer makes. As an Introducing Broker Forex you will get a monthly report saying how many trades your purchaser placed, what money instruments they traded and how much you are you will receive. All numbers are taken from the IB agreement.
  • You set and offer your own commissions to your clients, and clients of your IBs or in this situation your sub-IBs. You can charge your clients extra commissions. Tradeview Forex will apply extra commissions set by you to all of your patrons.
  • Increase spread and capture the spread difference. As an IB you can charge a broader spread to your clients.

Your own website, online app., demo sales lead generation and monitoring

  • Tradeview Forex will supply you with a turn-key solution for building your own Introducing Broker Forex business. We take care of everything; all you need to focus on is selling.
  • Tradeview Forex will help you set up your own website in your native language. The site will be hosted by Tradeview Forex. The site will be branding with your own color scheme, style and logo, your contact info, and information about products that your new business now offers.

Introducing Brokers Websites

  • Tradeview Forex will supply an online application feature that helps you easily identify your own customers.
  • You or your firm will get your own trading demo registration page. You will be notified via email when a visitor to your site signs up for a demo trading platform. You will also have access to see the ‘back office’ of your demo system so you can work with your demo leads.
  • You or your sales staff can effectively follow up with each demo lead.

Reporting access to Tradeview Forex demo and real trading platform

  • As an Introducing Broker Forex, you get genuine 24-7 access to back-office support for your demo and live trading platforms.
  • You can see and monitor the trading volume of your customers.
  • You can see and figure out your daily discounts, commissions and price fluctuations in real time.
  • You see what Tradeview Forex sees.
  • With access to the reporting system, you can watch your sub-IBs.
  • You can ask Tradeview Forex to organize access for your sub-IBs
  • You will have access to customer reports and assist them with the problem resolution should the need arise.
  • Your customers will have real-time access to your website so they can view their own status reports.


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